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Admit that you're lazy and don't want to stop at the supermarket on your way home? You have SPDStores, where you may purchase health drinks, snacks, edible oils, laundry supplies, gift articles, kitchen care, bags, and much more. We will deliver within 2 hours, or you can choose a delivery slot whenever and wherever you want.

We are a departmental store in Tenali with over 32-years of expertise. Jakka Venkata Nageshwara Rao founded the company in 1988. We have now begun providing services to you via the internet. You may use the app/website to explore our merchandise from the comfort of your home at any time, and we'll deliver right to your door. Through our app/website, you can get groceries, household products, cosmetics, baby care, travel supplies, handbags, and much more.  We strive to make our app a pleasant shopping experience for you.

In our store, major cosmetic beauty brands such as Lakme, Sugar, Coloressence, Renee, Jovees, Dazzler, and Nandini employ professional Beauty Advisors. As a result, we deliver the best services in this field and VIP Industries has certified us as an authorized dealer.

We are the town's largest store, with more than 12000 products and over 500 brands, and we offer a wide range of merchandise. We can assure you that once you enter our store, most of your daily requirements will be met. We regularly solicit input from our customers to improve their buying experience. Some of the feedback we received is that because we have such a large store, customers can occasionally pass over certain sections of products, while some require promotional items, and others want to know about all the products we offer. We also receive a lot of phone orders for door-to-door delivery. We developed this program to address all of these concerns by considering them.

We provide a wide selection of products from trusted brands across a range of categories, including:

1. Baby care

2. Personal Care

3. Household Care

4. Beverages

5. Staples

6. Snacks & Branded Foods

7. Cosmetics

8. Kitchen Care

9.Travel & Backpacks

10. Hand Bags

11. Gift articles